The AAL Forum (Active Assisted Living) is a high-class, international congress, which will
be organized in St. Gallen, Switzerland this year.
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07.03.2016 | 414 kb | PDF
Swiss Transitional Measures for Erasmus+
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01.12.2015 | 40 kb | PDF

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SERI News, June 16
International Congress on VPET - 2016 ERI Finance report published - AAL Forum in St Gallen...
Facts and figures
Vocational and professional education and training in Switzerland - Facts and figures 2016

COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology
A new SERI publication provides an insight into COST on the basis of various success<br /> stories. Researchers from Switzerland recount their experiences, thereby highlighting<br /> the diverse opportunities COST offers.
Chronology Research and Innovation in Switzerland
The report, first issued in 2016, provides a comprehensive view of the Swiss research...

Swiss Cyber Risk Research Conference
This conference brings together researchers, academics and stakeholders in the field of cyber risks...
Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures
With regard to the 2017-2020 ERI Dispatch, SERI is updating the Swiss...

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