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Eurostars Informationsveranstaltung Schweiz-Deutschland-Österreich
Am 15. Juni 2016 informieren Vertreter aus der Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich über das Förderprogramm Eurostars für forschungsintensive KMU an der EMPA St. Gallen.
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Programm-Anmeldung Eurostars
Last modification: 24.05.2016 | Size: 119 kb | Type: PDF

Call Switzerland-Japan

For participation details contact the ERA-NET Office in Switzerland:

Joint EUREKA Call Switzerland – Belgium – Luxembourg
Type: PDF
Announcement: Belgium – Switzerland – Luxembourg Call for R&D Project Outlines
Continuous Submission between 24 November, 2015 and 13 May, 2016
Last modification: 02.12.2015 | Size: 81 kb | Type: PDF

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Project Outline form
Last modification: 02.12.2015 | Size: 41 kb | Type: DOC

Joint Call Switzerland - Sweden

Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation (SSSTC)
Stepping Stone Symposia or other Workshops
Research-innovation Communities (RiC)
Follow-up Grants (FU)

Calling new partners for exploring the Moon and Mars

COST Association: New Open Call

Type: PDF
Submission of COST research proposals to SERI
Last modification: 02.03.2016 | Size: 102 kb | Type: PDF

Joint EUREKA Calls

Human Frontier Science Program Organization

Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme)

AAL Call 2016: "Living well with dementia"

Final call information is intended to be published with the launch of the call on the AAL website at the end of February.

Further information

The online application procedure is organized centrally by the AAL Association:
Further information for Swiss stakeholders is available on the
For participation details contact the AAL Office Switzerland: Tel. +41 58 462 93 33
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AAL Factsheet
Last modification: 18.05.2016 | Size: 163 kb | Type: PDF

EUREKA Cluster - Calls
EUREKA ‘Clusters’ are long-term, strategically significant industrial initiatives. They focus on developing and commercially exploiting new technologies. As in EUREKA projects, CTI offers financing instruments for the Swiss project participants within clusters like CELTIC-PLUS, CATRENE, ITEA 2, EURIPIDES and EUROGIA.

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