The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

SERI is the federal government's specialised agency for national and international matters concerning education, research and innovation policy. Together with our partners, we seek to ensure that Switzerland remains among the top countries in the area of ERI.

SERI’s fields of activity


Federal Space Policy 2023

Federal Space Policy 2023

Federal Space Policy 2023

With its «Space Policy 2023», the Federal Council defines the future direction of the Confederation in its space-related activities and formulates a coordinated policy in the space sector that is embedded in the international context

European research infrastructure networks


European research infrastructure networks

Internationally coordinated research infrastructure networks with the ERIC legal form work within their scientific fields to coordinate research activities, services and knowledge exchange. Switzerland is active in various ERICs and continually examines the potential for new participations and memberships.



SERI News 2/23

Quantum science, quantum technologies and public funding for them - this month's issue of 'SERI News' is devoted to a topic that is likely to shape the world of science for years to come. Other important initiatives paving the way for the future include federally funded projects in vocational education and training and the latest 400-page Swiss Education Report. Finally, the new 'Tropeli' building in Basel promises to bundle synergies under one roof.

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