The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

SERI is the federal government's specialised agency for national and international matters concerning education, research and innovation policy. Together with our partners, we seek to ensure that Switzerland remains among the top countries in the area of ERI.

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ERI Dispatch 2025–2028

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Federal Council sets education, research and innovation policy for 2025–2028

On 8 March the Federal Council submitted the Dispatch on Education, Research and Innovation in the years 2025–2028 to the Federal Assembly. Planned expenditures have been set at CHF 29.2 billion. Switzerland intends to retain its international leadership position in education, research and innovation.

Higher Education and Research in Switzerland

Higher Education and Research in Switzerland

The publication presents the main facts and figures on higher education and research in portraits of the cantonal universities, federal institutes of technology and universities of applied sciences.

Further Information

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SERI news portal devoted to education, research and innovation

Since mid-February 2024, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation is providing information about its latest projects and activities on a dedicated news portal This website replaces the ‘SERI News’ magazine, previously published on print media. News updates will be provided in German and French as well as in some cases in English when the content is intended for an international readership.

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications


Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The website enables holders of foreign professional qualifications to ascertain whether their qualifications need to be recognised in order to work in Switzerland. Interested parties from all over the world can quickly orient themselves with just a few mouse clicks on this new information platform.

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