Procedure and Duration

1. Entering data into SERI’s online platform

SERI’s electronic online system

The data must be entered electronically. This requires registration of a personal user account in the online platform. After complete declaration information has been provided, the system will generates a form.

2. Submission of declaration form

The printed and signed form must be sent together with the required documents by post to the following address:

State Secretariat for Education,
Research and Innovation SERI
Declaration Office
IBQ Section
Einsteinstrasse 2
CH-3003 Bern

A one-month processing deadline will begin as soon as SERI receives the complete declaration file by post. SERI’s Declaration Office will first examine the declaration form and accompanying documents and then forward it without delay to the competent federal or cantonal authority responsible for recognition of the given qualification.

If a declaration file is incomplete, the declaration will be deemed as not having been submitted. This means that the processing deadline does not begin to run. In such cases, the declaration file will be returned to the applicant along with a request that the missing documents be provided.

3. Verification of foreign qualifications by federal or cantonal authority

Verification of foreign qualifications is based on the requirements set forth in Directive 2005/36/EC. The competent authority must communicate the results of verification of professional qualifications within one month of receipt of the declaration file.
If the submitted foreign qualification does not meet Swiss requirements for the corresponding regulated professional activity, then the competent authority will order that an aptitude test be taken.

4. Suspension of the declaration procedure

Persons who have submitted a declaration form will be contacted within one month if any difficulties have been encountered that could cause a delay in processing the application file. Difficulties may arise, for example, if there is a lack of information on the content of foreign training or if there are doubts concerning the validity of important documents. The competent authority may suspend the procedure until the documents needed for the decision are submitted.

5. Commencement of work

Service providers may work in Switzerland as soon as the competent authority responsible for the given professional activity informs them that they are authorised to provide services relating to the given professional activity.

6. Renewal of declaration

The declaration must be renewed for each calendar year. Existing login data for SERI‘s online platform can be used to renew the declaration.
The renewal can be submitted at the earliest as of October for the following calendar year.

Important: There is a legal obligation to disclose any changes to reported data and to submit the necessary documents confirming these changes.