Federal education, research and innovation policy 2025–2028

Every four years, the Federal Council formulates its policy on the promotion of education, research and innovation (ERI) to submit to Parliament. In the 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch it takes stock of the previous funding period. It addresses the challenges that have arisen and formulates priorities, objectives and measures going forward. The Federal Council plans on expenditures of around CHF 29.2 billion to implement its ERI policy in the coming funding period, as well as for various legislative amendments.

The long-term and integral promotion of education, research and innovation (ERI) is one of the factors which makes Switzerland successful. The permeability and high quality of the education system are key to allowing individuals to develop professionally, find employment and integrate into society. They also play a central role in creating equal opportunities for everyone in Switzerland. Education and research form the basis of businesses' creativity and internationally competitive innovation, thus contributing to the country's propserity and long-term development. The ERI sector plays a vital role in addressing ongoing social and economic change and proactively making the most of the opportunities this brings.

The Swiss ERI system is in a strong position. It is internationally competitive and offers individuals needs-based, lifelong learning opportunities in the vocational and academic fields. This means that businesses and academia can count on specialists and managers with a variety of qualifications. This broad mix of skills is one of Switzerland's strengths. Along with the results of basic and applied research, it gives Switzerland a competitive advantage as a centre of knowledge and business.

This is the backdrop against which the Federal Council is formulating its policy for the promotion of education, research and innovation in the years 2025–2028. Subsidiarity, autonomy and partnership are fundamental principles of the system in which responsibilities are divided between the Confederation and the cantons. Further principles of the Federal Council's funding policy include partnership-based cooperation, a bottom-up focus with selective prioritisation, competition and excellence.

There is broad support among ERI players for the Federal Council's choice of overarching themes in its ERI policy for the coming funding period, namely digitalisation, sustainable development, equal opportunities and national and international cooperation.

The 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch is the first for which a consultation was conducted. The large number of participants indicates that there is a broad interest in the ERI sector and bears witness to its importance for Switzerland.

Expenditures planned by the Federal Council for the 2025–2028 ERI funding period, in CHF million

Expenditures planned by the Federal Council for the 2025–2028 ERI funding period, in CHF million

The Federal Council attaches great importance to assessing the effectiveness of the ERI funds used. Impact assessments are conducted across the whole of the ERI sector. A combination of different instruments are applied, such as controlling, monitoring and evaluations.