Federal Council launches new National Research Programme

Bern, 23.03.2016 - The Federal Council has launched a new National Research Programme (NRP) on ways of achieving a sustainable economy. This NRP is expected to contribute significantly to a more sustainable economy and greater resource security, resulting in increased competitiveness for the Swiss economy and more prosperity for the population. This programme will run for five years and is budgeted at CHF 20 million.

Natural resources have a limited regenerative capacity and are becoming increasingly scarce. This new NRP, run by the Swiss National Science Foundation, should deliver findings from a systemic perspective considering environmental, economic and societal aspects and covering all available natural resources and levels of the value chain. This NRP welcomes research projects that build on existing knowledge and comprehensively identify opportunities, risks and potential. Based on this, measures and instruments will be analysed and general findings will be translated into concrete applications – for instance by devising innovative standards, developing cutting-edge consumption and production models and marketing cleaner technologies and products.

The National Research Programmes are the federal government’s research funding tool intended to support research projects that develop both orientation and procedural knowledge – and thereby contribute to solving pressing problems. NRPs usually run for around five years.

The Federal Council periodically decides on the execution and the financial framework of National Research Programmes, in accordance with the Research and Innovation Act.

Address for enquiries

Dr Claudine Dolt – SERI
Project leader – Research Sector,
National Research and Innovation Division
Tel: +41 58 462 78 38


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