CHF 22.6 billion dedicated to research in Switzerland in 2017

Enterprises remained the main producers of research accounting for more than two thirds of expenditure.



‘SERI Mail’ newsletter - New information bulletin

‘SERI Mail’ will provide snippets of information from SERI. Each monthly edition of the bulletin will serve to complement existing sources of information.

Vocational and Professional Education and Training


Vocational and professional education and training in Switzerland 2019

The publication presents the main facts and figures on vocational and professional education and training. Includes information on the structure of VPET system, the various options for young people and adults, and on VPET research and funding.

Research & Innovation


European Innovation Council (EIC)

A delegation from the European Commission presented the EIC’s funding instruments at an information event in Bern, and set out how Swiss research institutions and businesses can benefit, especially SMEs.


SERI News 1/19

The ‘SERI News’ magazine  has been redesigned with a new layout and content and the structure of the online version has been optimised. (german)


Foreign Qualifications

The SERI is the national contact point for the recognition of professional qualifications in Switzerland and can answer general questions on this topic.

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