Vocational Education and Training (VET)


Two-thirds of young people in Switzerland benefit from the solid foundation provided by vocational education and training.

The Confederation, the Cantons and professional organisations all contribute to the high standard of vocational education and training and strive to ensure that there is an adequate number of apprenticeship positions available. Vocational education and training forms the basis for life-long learning and serves as a gateway to numerous occupations.

Vocational education and training imparts the skills and knowledge needed to work in a given occupation. Two-year VET programmes lead to the issuance of a Federal VET Certificate; three-year and four-year VET programmes lead to the issuance of a Federal VET Diploma. During the three-year or four-year VET programme, students have the option of attending general education courses to prepare for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate Examination. Vocational education and training is also open to adults wishing to earn VET credentials. The Federal Vocational and Professional Education and Training Act provides for a number of opportunities, ranging from regulated and structured procedures for vocational groups to individual qualification procedures.

Tasks of the SERI

SERI works closely with the Cantons and professional organisations to coordinate vocational education and training. SERI is responsible for the following areas:

  • Supervision and enactment of VET ordinances (formerly referred to as training regulations)
  • Continued development of VET programmes
  • Establishing regulations for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate.