Application Submission

In an effort to gather the information needed to manage the Swiss VET/PET system, SERI sponsors both Leading Houses – whose activities are devoted to specific research themes – and individual research projects. The latter are clearly delimited and are conducted at the initiative of interested researchers at higher education institutions.

There are two ways in which grant funding may be awarded:

SERI issues call for project proposals

  • Calls for project proposals may relate either to a research theme covered by a Leading House or to individual research projects. Interested researchers may prepare their project proposals and submit them to SERI in a corresponding application.

At the moment there is no call for papers

Interested researchers submit research proposals spontaneously

  • Spontaneous applications for grant funding in relation to a given VET/PET research project may be submitted to SERI at any time. Research projects will receive grant funding if they address an issue that is important to the future of the VET/PET system and is not already covered by a Leading House.

The funding of new research projects is currently not possible.

When making its decisions, SERI relies on experts from the Scientific Advisory Committee for VET/PET Research.

Applications must be submitted using the official form. For a more detailed description of the application process, SERI recommends reading the corresponding guidelines and application form.