Regulated Professional Activities and Fact Sheets


Regulated Professional Activities

What does "regulated profession" mean?

  • Regulated professional activities are defined as activities that can only be legally carried out by holders of a specific qualification.
  • In Switzerland, many regulated professional activities (e.g. in the health care field) fall within the scope of cantonal legislation. However, there are also a number of professional activities that are regulated under federal legislation.

Where can I find out whether a profession is regulated or not?

What do I have to pay attention to if I hold a foreign diploma?

  • If you wish to carry out a regulated profession in Switzerland, you must have your foreign diploma recognised in order to be allowed to work.
    In this case, you must contact the authority responsible for recognition directly: Competent Recognition Authorities

What is the procedure if the profession is not regulated?

  • If the profession is not regulated, no recognition is required and you can work directly in Switzerland on the basis of your foreign qualification.
  • For some professions, however, it is possible to voluntarily apply for a level certificate or a recognition from SERI (Holders of a Vocational or Professional Qualification) or a recommendation of recognition from Swiss ENIC (Tertiary-level).

Fact sheets

Detailed information on specific regulated professional activities can be found in the following fact sheets:


Trade and commerce

Forestry, fisheries and animal welfare


Education and social care

Sports activities


Other areas