Documents, Duration and Fees

In order to facilitate review of the application, applicants must provide certain required documents when submitting the application via the online portal.

The recognition procedure is not free of charge: the cost is CHF 150 for a level certificate and CHF 550 for direct formal recognition, plus CHF 90 for a subsequent decision if the applicant is required to complete compensatory measures (e.g. aptitude test or training course).

In addition, there are the costs for obtaining a certified copy and translation of your qualification.

1. Documents to be provided

Identification (required):

  • Copy of passport / identity card / residence permit
  • Proof of name change (if not the same on ID and qualifications, for example, after marriage or divorce)

Qualifications (required):

  • Simple copy of previous qualifications
  • Certified copy of qualification submitted for recognition (in the original language)
  • Content of training programme
  • If the qualification is drafted in a language other than French, Italian, German or English:
  • Official translation of the qualification
  • Certificate confirming B2 level of language proficiency (if required in order to carry out the professional activity in question)

SERI will notify you of any missing documents when sending confirmation of receipt.

A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document accompanied by an inscription (stamp/seal/wet stamp etc. and signature on the copy) which attests that the copy corresponds in every respect to the original.

A certified copy can be requested from

  • The town hall (specifying that the copy is for Switzerland) or the commune of residence in Switzerland (except cantons of Vaud, Geneva an Ticino)
  • Embassy or consulate, Swiss or foreign
  • A lawyer
  • A notary public

All available information must be provided in support of the application.
The fact that no information is known does not establish a right to review the decision.
If it is possible to correct the decision based on known information not submitted to the authority before the decision was issued, an additional fee of CHF 300 is charged for the amendment of the decision.

2. Duration

SERI will only process applications if they are complete, i.e. if all the required documents are available in electronic form.

The processing time after receipt of the complete application file can be up to:

  • Four months for regulated professional activities
  • Generally six months for non-regulated professional activities

If further verifications are required, the procedure may take longer.

3. Application fees

a. SERI administrative costs for processing the application

Administrative costs for each application:

  • CHF 150 for a level certificate (for non-regulated professional activities)
  • CHF 550 for recognition requiring in-depth verification (regulated professional activities), plus CHF 90 for a subsequent decision if the applicant is required to complete compensatory training (e.g. aptitude test or training course).

The amount in foreign currency depends on the currency exchange rate; your bank will handle conversion.

Payment is due regardless of the outcome of the decision (positive, negative or compensatory measures needed).

Please indicate the application file number and your name on the payment confirmation.

The first step of the application process is free of charge. You will only be asked to pay the application fee after we have checked your application and can proceed with further processing.

b. Other fees

Certified copies and translations

Apart from the application fee, recognition process may entail other significant costs for the applicant

  • Making certified copies
  • Translation costs for documents, transcripts, etc.

Compensatory measures

If SERI finds that the duration and content of training abroad differ substantially from the training provided in Switzerland, the applicant will be given the option of completing compensatory measures (e.g. aptitude test or training course) at the applicant’s own expense.