Regulated Professional Activities


I wish to live and carry out my profession in Switzerland on a permanent basis

Permanent establishment (main residence in Switzerland)

Recognition of foreign qualifications by the competent authority/recognition body is mandatory if you intend to move to Switzerland and carry out a regulated professional activity here.

Regulated professional activities are defined as activities that can only be legally carried out by holders of a specific qualification. In Switzerland, many regulated professional activities (e.g. in the health care field) fall within the scope of cantonal legislation. However, there are also a number of professional activities that are regulated under federal legislation. SERI maintains a list of professional activities that are regulated in Switzerland.

I wish to provide services in Switzerland on a temporary basis (maximum 90 days)

Providing services in Switzerland

Service providers from the EU/EFTA member states wishing to carry out a regulated professional activity for a maximum of 90 working days per calendar year are subject to the mandatory declaration requirement. A declaration form must be submitted prior to commencement of work in Switzerland. The list shows regulated professional activities that are subject to mandatory declaration to SERI.

Fact sheets regarding specific professional areas

Useful background information on the following regulated professional activities can be found below: