Apprenticeship Toolbox

The Apprenticeship Toolbox facilitates comparison of dual-track VET systems in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. It helps to reinforce the position of the Swiss VPET system within an international context by clearly presenting the function and specific features of Swiss dual-track VET programmes. The aim is to encourage the sharing of good practices in this field.

Structure and purpose of Apprenticeship Toolbox

The Internet-based Apprenticeship Toolbox offers a wealth of detailed information arranged according to specific topics. This information covers the functioning of dual-track VET programmes in the five participating countries. It is a rich, structured and readily accessible reference work to explore, develop and reform dual-track VET programmes. It also shows the diversity of VET systems that use the dual-track model. The Apprenticeship Toolbox encourages discussion of the various aspects of labour-market oriented VET programmes, which combine classroom instruction and workplace training. Finally, the Apprenticeship Toolbox contributes to the international exchange of good practices.

Intended for decision-makers

The online content in English is intended for an international audience, particularly for those responsible for making decisions on policies and strategy at local, communal, national and European level. It is also offers ideas and suggestions for researchers and interested VET actors.

Swiss contribution to the initiative at EU level

The Apprenticeship Toolbox project came into being in 2013 with the creation of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, EAfA. The EAfA seeks to improve the quality, range and appeal of VET programmes in Europe and brings public and private stakeholders together. Denmark (lead country), Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland (associated country) all contributed to the project, which received EU funding under the Erasmus+ programme. Through country workshops involving all three of the main partners within the Swiss VPET system (i.e. the Confederation, the cantons and professional organisations), Switzerland has been able to share its experience with VET practitioners and help to introduce dual-track VET programmes in other countries. The key features of dual-track VET programmes were decided in consultation with the countries taking part in the project. The Apprenticeship Toolbox was presented to an international audience for the first time at the second International VPET Congress held in Winterthur in June 2016. It received a positive response. The official launch took place in mid-September 2016 during the European VET policy sharing seminar in Brussels. The revision and update of the website has recently taken place.



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