Required Documents

The following documents must be uploaded online:

  • Proof of citizenship (passport or identity card).
  • Current (not older than 3 months) attestation certifying that the holder is legally established in a member state for the purpose of pursuing the professional activity concerned;
    the certificate must also indicate that the person is not prohibited from practising the professional activity, even temporarily, at the moment of issuance of the attestation. In the member state where they are established, persons may contact the national contact point to find out which authority can issue this certificate to them.
  • Foreign qualification (diploma).
  • Proof of professional liability insurance coverage (mandatory for professional activities in the health care field).
  • Proof of payment of the CHF 90.- processing fee.

The following documents must be submitted by post:

  • Current attestation (original or certified copy).
  • Certified copy of the foreign qualification.


All documents must be translated by certified translators into one of the three official languages of Switzerland (German, French or Italian) or in English. Contact the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI) for more information.

Certified copies

An officially certified copy certifies the truthfulness of a document. It is a photocopy of the original document, bearing the endorsement (stamp, date and original signature) which certifies that the copy is identical to the original and that nothing has been changed.