Fit for the Job

The influence of one’s personality on employment success following completion of VET programmes in commerce.

University of Fribourg, Teacher Training for Upper-Secondary Education Division

Lead researcher: Prof. Franz Baeriswyl

Duration: 01.04.2013 - 30.11.2015

The research project ‘Fit for the Job' explores the career decisions of graduates of the VET programme in commerce. This transition from apprenticeship to employment is not always problem-free.

This research project seeks to produce knowledge regarding how individual factors associated with learners and host companies respectively encourage a successful transition at the end of the VET programme. The project will focus on the following research questions:

  1. Career decisions. What individual factors explain the transition from completion of VET programmes to employment?
  2. Successful entry to labour market. What individual factors explain the various determinants of successful entry to the labour market in the first year after completion of VET programmes?
  3. Characteristics of host companies. What host company characteristics explain the decision to hire learners after completion of their VET programme?
  4. Suitability between host company - Learner. What host company characteristics and what individual factors encourage suitability between host company and learner?

Initial findings show that 40% of learners do not have any certain employment prospects upon completion of their VET programme and perceive the search for employment after their apprenticeship to be a source of concern. Further analysis of research questions will take place in the second half of the project, which has just started.