Quality of vocational education (2003–2013)

The main objective of the work carried out by the «Quality in Vocational and Professional Education and Training» leading house at the University of Fribourg was to highlight the success factors in VET/PET. Active from 2003 to 2013, it was latterly headed by Prof. Margrit Stamm and Prof. Stephan Schumann. Ongoing projects will continue to be supported individually until their completion.

The leading house placed an emphasis on the strengths, resources and potential of high quality VET/PET. It opened up new perspectives in VET/PET research, which until recently concentrated on the weaknesses, risks and deficits of the system. The leading house had three main areas of research and ran eight different projects.

The first research area examined success factors in VET/PET and qualifications (projects: on dropping out from host companies and training paradigms).

The focus of the second research area was success factors in the selection and cooperation of the training location (projects: «Fit for the final exam – fit for the profession», «Reasons for failure in final exams», «Cooperation in the training location as requirement for success in VET/PET»). Affiliated to this research area was theoretical work on the understanding of quality.

The third research area looked at success factors in continuing education and training (CET) and quality assurance systems. This involved two projects on demand for CET and quality assurance systems.