Budget requests in the 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch

The Federal Council plans on expenditures of around CHF 29.2 billion in the 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch. This is around CHF 1.3 billion more than for the years 2021–2024. This shows the considerable importance accorded to education, research and innovation by the Swiss government.

The government uses this money to fund the federal institutes of technology (ETH Domain) and fulfil its role as the principal public sponsor of research and innovation at both national and international level. It also provides subsidiary funding for VPET, the cantonal universities and universities of applied sciences.

Federal funding covers around 19% of total public expenditure in the ERI sector, the rest being financed by the cantons and communes. The federal government's role in the ERI sector goes beyond its financial commitments. It also strives to create optimum policy conditions in which independent ERI players can continue actively shaping the education and research landscape.

The Federal Council is submitting 12 detailed budget requests, which will be decided on by the Federal Assembly in the course of 2024: