Cross-cutting themes in the education, research and innovation sector

Grafische Übersicht der transversalen Themen gemäss BFI-Botschaft 2025–2028. © SBFI
Overview of cross-cutting themes in the 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch. © SERI

In line with its legal responsibilities, the federal government provides funding for measures in the areas of general education, vocational and professional education and training, higher education, continuing education and training, and research and innovation. Certain topics have significance for the ERI sector as a whole across all funding areas, and are therefore given special consideration.

For the 2025–2028 ERI funding period, the Federal Council has defined four cross-cutting themes that will receive special attention across all funding areas:

These themes encompass long-term tasks to be pursued beyond the four-year time horizon. They are addressed as far as possible within the framework of existing structures and funding instruments, in accordance with the principles of ERI funding policy. The federal government and ERI stakeholders use strategic objectives and service level agreements to define objectives and performance indicators relating to the four cross-cutting themes.