Equal opportunities in the ERI sector

In Switzerland, everyone should be able to participate equally in education, research and innovation. © Adobe Stock
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Access to and participation in education, research and innovation (ERI) in Switzerland should be available to all people equally and according to their individual talents. This is why equal opportunities feature prominently in the 2025–2028 ERI Dispatch. (in german).

Equal opportunity means that every person has the chance to fulfil their potential without disadvantage. Article 2 paragraph 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Switzerland must ensure the greatest possible equality of opportunity among its citizens. The principles of non-discrimination (Art. 8 para. 2), gender equality (Art. 8 para. 3) and the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities (Art. 8 para. 4) are of particular significance in this regard. The Federal Constitution also contains provisions relating to formal equal opportunities in the education system (Art. 61a).

In education, research and innovation (ERI) the Federal Council will continue its efforts to reduce disadvantage and inequality in the coming years. Key areas of action in the ERI sector are equal opportunities between the sexes, diversity, inclusion and integration, as well as systemic equal access to education.

The principal measures in the ERI sector that are supported by the federal government and implemented primarily by ERI players include:


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