Vocational and professional education and training in Switzerland – Information films

A skilled workforce is essential for Switzerland’s appeal as a location for business. It is a key requirement if Switzerland is to rank among the world’s leading economies. Vocational and professional education and training (VET/PET) is an integral part of this successful model. What is the basis for this success?

The answer to this question can be found in three short films. They illustrate the advantages of the dual-track VET/PET system by bringing it alive on an emotional level to complement the available print material.

The films can be used for information, presentation and promotion purposes by anyone interested in VET/PET.

Direction, career, choice, future (9 minutes)
Image film Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland

Entering the professional world (5 minutes)
Vocational Education and Training VET

Career path and development (7 minutes)
Professional Education Training PET