Project submissions opened for Horizon Europe

Bern, 25.06.2021 - The European Commission has launched the calls for project proposals under Horizon Europe. Switzerland and the EU have not yet held negotiations on Switzerland's association to the programme. Researchers in Switzerland can nonetheless participate in the calls for proposals, albeit to a limited extent. If there is a delay or no association, Swiss researchers will have the possibility of receiving direct funding from the Confederation.

The Federal Council would like Switzerland to have association to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe. However, negotiations between Switzerland and the EU in this regard have not yet been held. Switzerland is therefore not on the list of countries negotiating or about to negotiate association to Horizon Europe  in the 2021 calls for project proposals, although this list can be updated at any time.

Even under these conditions, researchers from Switzerland can still participate in Horizon Europe and related programmes and initiatives and apply for the programme components and funding instruments open to them. However, with third-country status they generally do not receive funding for their project costs from the European Commission. In this case, funding is provided by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, wherever participation as a third country is possible. Parliament has already approved CHF 6.15 billion in funding for Swiss participation in the Horizon package, as well as the possibility of direct funding for Swiss researchers.

No non-EU member states are currently associated to Horizon Europe. As a temporary solution, countries which are in negotiations or about to become associated can benefit from transitional measures. This does not currently apply to Switzerland. Switzerland expects to hear shortly from the European Commission on how it intends to proceed with negotiations.

Horizon Europe
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, runs from 2021 to 2027. With an overall budget of EUR 95 billion, it is the largest research and innovation funding programme in the world. Together with the temporary economic stimulus package NextGenerationEU, it aims to promote the green and digital transformation across Europe. Switzerland was fully associated to the predecessor programme Horizon 2020 and is seeking the same status for Horizon Europe and its related programmes and activities (Euratom programme, ITER and Digital Europe Programme).

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