Cross-linking the European Research Area

ERA-NET targets national and regional grant funding agencies in the European Research Area. Its aim is to coordinate national and regional research programmes and strengthen the European Research Area as well as certain branches of European industry.

Joint calls for proposals for transnational research and innovation projects are issued under ERA-NET. Project partners receive funding on the basis of the national funding criteria in the EU member state or region to which they belong. For each project, one funding agency from the participating EU member states or associated states is responsible for the coordination of the ERA-NET project.

Unlike in its predecessor, the Seventh Framework Programme, under Horizon 2020 (2014–2020) there is only one type of ERA-NET instrument, ERA-NET Cofund. This instrument allows participating funding agencies to launch joint calls for proposals, with the European Commission contributing up to 33% of the national funding amount. The funding agencies can also launch other joint calls for projects, which do not receive this top-up funding from the European Commission.

In Horizon 2020, more than 60 ERA-NET Cofund projects are currently funded by the European Commission.

Project applications for new ERA-NETs can be submitted on the Horizon 2020 calls portal.

There were two types of ERA-NET instrument under FP7: the normal ERA-NET actions, under which the European Commission paid the coordination costs incurred by the member organisations, and ERA-NET Plus actions, under which the European Commission also contributed financially to joint project proposals. In ERA-NET Plus there is only one call for proposals, whilst in the ordinary ERA-NET scheme several, usually smaller-scale calls are launched.

Under FP7 the EU Commission supported more then 80 ERA-NET and 23 ERA-NET Plus actions.

General information on ERA-NET and ERA-NET Plus projects provided by the European Commission.

Swiss participation in ERA-NETs

In Switzerland, various public institutions (Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF, Innosuisse, federal departments and offices) are responsible for decisions (also on funding) about ERA-NET project participation and joint calls. These bodies inform SERI as early as possible about planned participation, and not later than when a project proposal is submitted.

Numerous Swiss organisations (SNSF, Innosuisse, federal departments and offices) have been involved in 46 ERA-NETs under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Swiss contact persons for each ERA-NET can be found in the FP7 ERA-NET project list. The Swiss participations in currently about 30 Horizon 2020 projects appear in the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET Cofund project list.

Roll of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)
Within Switzerland, SERI is responsible for analysing the ERA-NET instrument and promoting Swiss research and innovation with the involvement of relevant bodies, for keeping an up-to-date overview of the Swiss ERA-NET participations, and for creating contacts between organisations interested in new ERA-NET projects.

Information about calls for new ERA-NETs is published on the Participant Portal H2020 and ERA-Learn website. For more detailled information and support to submit a new ERA-NET proposal, Euresearch is in charge for further assistance.

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