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The Eurostars initiative concentrates on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which devote over 10% of their turnover to R&D activities.

SMEs can work with European research teams through Eurostars and improve their competitive capacity in the field of knowledge and innovation.
Today 34 countries are members of Eurostars and provide a total funding of 900 million Euro for the period of 2014 – 2020.

The European Union contributes EUR 300 million in funding to Eurostars through the Horizon 2020 Programme based on article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Although, under the Ordinance on measures for Switzerland's participation in the European Union's framework programmes on research and innovation, Switzerland covers the full grant share of project costs of Swiss partners.

Each year the Eurostars initiatve usually issues two calls for proposals.

Eurostars is part of the EUREKA framework. The evaluation of applications and monitoring of projects is carried out by the EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels. National contact points perform administrative tasks and disburse funds.

The maximum funding per project with a Swiss SME will be 500‘000 €. The maximum funding per project without a Swiss SME will be 250‘000 €. The following funding breakdown applies to Swiss project partners:

Type of organisation             Funding in % of eligible costs
SME 50%
Large company 25%
University 50%

It is recommended that Swiss applicants for Eurostars projects contact the National Project Officer.

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Colette John-Grant

Swiss EUREKA and Eurostars
Project Officer

T +41 58 466 77 32

Janique Siffert

Swiss EUREKA and Eurostars
Project Officer

T +41 58 466 70 70

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