Swiss Transitional Measures for Horizon 2020

Welcome to the platform for Switzerland’s project-by-project participation in Horizon 2020 and its transitional funding scheme. On this page, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) provides you with all the details you need to submit funding requests for Switzerland’s third country participation in collaborative research projects under Horizon 2020 – the 8th Research and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Union.

Background information on the latest political developments, about the conditions for Swiss participation in Horizon 2020 and about the calls covered by Switzerland’s transitional funding scheme can be found under Swiss status in Horizon 2020.

The revised Ordinance on Measures for Swiss Participation in the European Union Programmes in the field of Research and Innovation forms the legal basis for the direct funding of Swiss project partners in Horizon 2020 projects. The full text is available under Legal basis (in german).

Funding of Swiss partners

As a rule of thumb, SERI will finance all Swiss partners involved in Horizon 2020 collaborative projects, provided that they comply with the Horizon 2020 eligibility criteria and funding rules.

Note that this platform is intended solely for the submission of requests for the funding of Swiss partners in Horizon 2020 collaborative projects which have been approved by the EU and in which Swiss partners are participating under third country status.

It is not possible to submit project proposals for EU calls or apply for funding for projects in which Switzerland is considered an associated country. Moreover, complementary national funding for the following activities is still available but not operated via this site either:

  • participation in Euratom- or ITER-related activities
    (including Fusion for Energy);
  • participation in European initiatives AAL, Eurostars and EDCTP
    (according to Art. 185 of the TFEU);
  • participation in COST Actions;
  • preparation of Horizon 2020 project proposals for SMEs or project coordinators.

To find out where to turn to regarding these different activities, please visit the Links and contacts section.

Please also consult the Links and contacts section for any other question.