The Legal Basis for the Federal Transitional Measures

On 25 June 2014, the Federal Council decided that researchers and institutions in Switzerland that are involved in Horizon 2020 collaborative projects approved by the European Commission would be funded directly by the Confederation if they cannot receive funding from the EU.

The revised Ordinance on Measures for Swiss Participation in the European Union Framework Programmes in the field of Research and Innovation (RS 420.126) entered into force on 1 October 2014 and provides the federal government with the legal basis for the direct funding of Swiss project partners in Horizon 2020 projects. The Ordinance can be found below (in german).

The Ordinance itself is based on Art. 29(2) and 56 of the Research and Innovation Promotion Act (RIPA; RS 420.1).

The federal transitional measures also follow the rules as laid out in the Federal Subsidies Act (RS 616.).

The necessary funds were approved by the Swiss parliament in September 2013, based on the Federal Council Dispatch on funding for Swiss participation in the EU Framework Programmes in the areas of research and innovation in the period 2014–2020 by the Federal Council of 27 February 2013.