Overview of all Framework Programmes

The EU Research Framework Programmes (FP) are the main instrument used by the European Union to implement its common science and technology policy. FPs date back to the 1950s.

The eighth programme generation «Horizon 2020» began in 2014. Over the years, FP budgets have continually increased while their thematic priorities have changed in response to the EU's political needs. Below is an overview of the development of the FP from their origins to today.

Figures and basic principles applying to the FP

The Research Framework Programmes

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Agreement (PDF, 442 kB, 29.01.2015)for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Union and European Atomic Energy Community and the Swiss Confederation associating the Swiss Confederation to Horizon 2020 — the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the Research and Training Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community complementing Horizon 2020, and regulating the Swiss Confederation's participation in the ITER activities carried out by Fusion for Energy