Swiss Participation in International Research Infrastructures



The international research organisations provide major scientific and technological impetus through building and exploiting the world’s top-performing research infrastructures. For this reason the Confederation supports the integration of Swiss research in its international cooperation by joining international research organisations on the basis of international treaties.

Switzerland is an active member of eight international research organisations that conduct experiments and use world leading research infrastructures in their fields of expertise. Its participation in these organisation constitute the direct application of Objective 1a of the Switzerland's International Strategy for education, research and innovation of 16 July 2018, which aims to strengthen and extend Switzerland's international scientific research network. The strategy provides that "Swiss ERI stakeholders enjoy full access to leading research infrastructures".

Switzerland's participation in these eight research organisations is a fundamental aspect of its international ERI policy, both from a strategic and a financial perspective. It is within these organisations that top-level Swiss research can show its talent and that it is in these organisations that a number of world future scientific challenges are identified and addressed. Switzerland invests approximately CHF 100 million annually in these organisations, i.e. 2.5% of the Confederation's annual budget for research promotion.

Switzerland is a member of the following research organisations

Research organisations in astronomy, high-energy and particle physics and nuclear fusion

An industrial liaison officer (ILO) has been appointed to help all the above-mentioned organisations establish contacts with Swiss companies and research institutes:

Research organisations in molecular biology

New research organisations

Possibility of Swiss participation in these organisations will be decided.

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