Swiss Industry Liaison Office

Switzerland is a member of a number of international research organisations. As international treaties often go in tandem with orders for industrial companies in member states, it is necessary to take greater advantage of this potential for research and business in Switzerland. This is why SERI, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) have established the ‘Swiss ILO Office’. As a national coordination centre, it has created a network for Swiss companies and research establishments and their participation in international tendering procedures.

In the initial phase, the Swiss ILO is based at the EPFL. A committee made up of representatives of SERI, EPFL and PSI steer the Swiss ILO activities, convening twice a year for this purpose.

The principal tasks of the Swiss ILO are the following:

  • Establish and maintain a network of Swiss research institutes and companies whose services, products and activities target international research organisations;
  • Keep the network up to date about relevant invitations to tender issued by international organisations and provide advice on how to respond;
  • Promote the services, products and activities offered by the members of the network to the international research organisations, for example within the framework of ILO meetings convened by specific organisation, or in other similar settings;
  • Track the amounts invested in Switzerland by international research organisations and monitor their development;
  • Promote an increase in the number of positions occupied by Swiss nationals in international research organisations.


SERI, Xavier Reymond
SERI Representative to the Steering Committee of the «Swiss ILO»

SERI, Francesca Stocker
Secretary of the Steering Committee of the «Swiss ILO»