Research and Innovation in Switzerland 2016

2016 sees the publication of the first "Research and Innovation in Switzerland" report. The report has been prepared under the leadership of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), and provides a comprehensive insight into the Swiss research and innovation system, informative comparisons between countries and regions, and an in-depth examination of selected issues. The report is intended to act as a reference work and basis for discussion. 

Switzerland is either among the front runners or even in top place in several research and innovation ranking lists. Going forward, will Switzerland be able to remain competitive in science and technology? And if so, how?

Improved monitoring

Until now, it has not been possible to answer this question because research and innovation have not been regularly monitored in Switzerland. This contrasts with the situation in numerous other countries, which periodically publish reports on the performance of their research and innovation systems. The "Research and Innovation in Switzerland" report is intended to fill this gap.

Broad-based compilation

The report has been prepared under the auspices of the SERI. To ensure that the information was compiled rigorously, the subject matter treated appropriately and a proper balance achieved between different viewpoints, the report was overseen by a group of experts and discussed with stakeholders. The intention is to update the report regularly every four years.

Objectives of the report

The aim of the report is to contribute to a better understanding of the Swiss research and innovation landscape and stimulate discussion. As a work of reference, the report is aimed primarily at politicians (partly as discussion material on the Swiss Federal Council Dispatches on the promotion of education, research and innovation), at research and innovation funding agencies and educational institutions (e.g. when preparing multi-year programmes), and also at all people, companies and organisations interested in research and innovation in Switzerland.


The Swiss research and innovation system (Part A):
Describes the functioning and the structure of the Swiss research and innovation system. Explains the fundamentals of how the system is run and the role of the various players involved.

Swiss research and innovation in international comparison (Part B):
Compares the Swiss research and innovation system with other developed and emerging economies over a period of several years. Various indicators relating to investment, interaction and performance are presented. It is planned to update this section every two years and make it available electronically.

Specific topics (Part C):
An investigation of overarching and cross-cutting issues of central significance for the Swiss system of research and innovation. Four selected aspects of the research and innovation system are examined more closely. Scientific experts were tasked with carrying out this analysis.



Printed copies of the "Research and Innovation in Switzerland 2016" report can be ordered free of charge.



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