Space activities occupy an important place in our society. Beyond their scientific contribution to exploring the planet Earth and the universe, they have become an integral part of our daily lives through satellite telecommunication services, road, maritime and air navigation systems, Earth observation for meteorology or climate change research.

Switzerland has been involved in the space odyssey from the early days. It seeks to position itself in such a way in a European space strategy so that it can promote and defend its interests in a global context. Our country aspires to be a competitive, reliable and vital partner in the space sector. Today, Switzerland holds a solid and acknowledged position that is justified by its competence in precision technology and innovation capability, among other things. Space constantly brings challenges which drive researchers and industries to progress and become increasingly inventive.

Space contributes to our country's prosperity. It generates considerable value-added activities for the benefit of future generations. We cannot simply stand-by but must participate actively in the space endeavours.

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