Space Exchange Switzerland

Switzerland has been actively involved in the field of space since the early days. It is a competitive and reliable partner in the space sector, both within Europe and across the globe. Thanks to its innovative strength and precision technology, Switzerland has gained a solid and acknowledged position in strategically significant fields. It has been the aim of our skilled scientists and entrepreneurs to make cutting-edge science happen and to transfer the resulting applications into the economy for the benefit of society.

Switzerland puts its national interests into practice through selected international cooperation: mainly through participation in selected programmes of the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as through additional European and international space cooperation. Complementary national activities are implemented for the following purposes: to ensure that the competences of the Swiss-based research structures involved in ESA-related activities are sustainable; to create conditions that enable Swiss industry to take part in calls for tender for European institutional programmes; and to help strengthen technical competencies in established scientific and technological fields.

Against this background, SERI/SSO has put together a portfolio of clearly defined tasks and functions that support the further development of space in Switzerland, but which are not part of SERI/SSO's core tasks:

  • Facilitate, in cooperation with professional associations and educational institutions, the organisation of professional training (especially courses for specialists) in the field of space;
  • Organise space related outreach activities and support ESA outreach events (e.g. Astronaut visits, talks by ESA experts) in Switzerland;
  • Encourage exchange and mobility of students and young professionals to ESA;
  • Organization of regular national events in the space sector for professionals (in support of SERI);
  • Support to SERI for stakeholder consultations in the space sector;
  • Support to SERI for technology harmonization (advisor role without ministerial duties in the Technology Harmonization Advisory Group THAG of ESA);
  • Scientific NPOC (National Point of Contact) for satellite images, incl. professional / technical support for Earth observation programmes; (Starting 1.1.2022)

These functions shall be established in the form of a clearly defined and self-contained service offer with a set of mandated activities. They shall be hosted by a Swiss higher education institute as the leading hosting entity, which may lead a consortium of several higher education institutes, under the umbrella name of "Space Exchange Switzerland" (SXS). SXS will be established by means of an agreement with the leading hosting entity (“Leading House”).

The activities to be mandated under the umbrella of the SXS as well as the call conditions and selection procedure are the described in detail in the call documents at the end of this page in German, French and English.

Timetable and Planning

As of June 22nd 2021, the updated timetable for the call is as follows:

  • 12.01.2021 Start call
  • 28.01.2021 10:00-11:30 Online Workshop
  • 28.02.2021 (Midnight) Outline Submission Deadline
  • 08.04.2021 (Midnight) Full Application Submission Deadline
  • Evaluation 
  • Decision until End of August 2021
  • Signing of the Contract for the Space Exchange Switzerland September 2021
  • Start October 2021

Consortia having submitted a proposal will be informed by SERI directly.

Last modification 22.06.2021

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