Interdepartmental Coordination Committee for Space Affairs (IKAR)

The Federal Council has given the Interdepartmental Coordination Committee for Space Affairs (IKAR) a mandate to prepare official Swiss position papers on space. IKAR also coordinates the activities of various federal agencies involved in space affairs. IKAR is chaired by the SERI's Swiss Space Office, which also serves as the secretariat for IKAR.

Swiss delegation to ESA

The SERI's Swiss Space Office is the core of the Swiss delegation to the ESA Council and its sub-committees. For this mission, it relies on specialists from other Federal Departments as well as members of the scientific community and organisations of users of space data.

The delegation represents Swiss interests within ESA as well as with regard to other member states. It serves as an interface between ESA and Swiss scientists, researchers, industries and users.

A Permanent Delegate posted at the Swiss Embassy in Paris ensures that Swiss interests are represented at all times at ESA Headquarters.

Swiss delegation to ESA-EU

Following the adoption of a Framework Agreement in 2004, the European Space Agency and the European Union created the High-level Space Policy Group (HSPG), a consultative body comprised of representatives of all ESA and/or EU member states. The Swiss delegation to the HSPG is chaired by the head of the SERI's Swiss Space Office and includes representatives of the Swiss Mission to the European Union in Brussels, the Directorate for European Affairs and the Directorate of Political Affairs.

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