Data base publications

SERI publishes a range of reports, studies and analyses, and also has its own series of publications. All publications can be downloaded electronically, and for some a print version is available. Please refer to the information in each publication.

New publications

Higher Education and Research


Overview of higher education and research in Switzerland. Updated periodically.



SERI magazine: Information on current projects and topics.

Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation in Switzerland


This study discusses the intellectual property (IP) system in Switzerland, and how it sustains innovation.

Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland

Overview of Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland. Updated annually.

Introduction of Federal VET Certificate – Assessment Report


This is a Federal Council Assessment Report in fulfilment of Postulate 14.3740 submitted by Jean Christophe Schwaab, 17 September 2014


SERI’s mandates and fields of activity.

ERI Bulletin for 2018

ERI Bulletin 2018 (german)

This report provides an overview of federal and cantonal expenditure for education, research and innovation.

‘Spillover’ effects of research activities abroad


This is SERI-commissioned study conducted by KOF ETH Zurich that sheds light on how the foreign R&D operations of Swiss companies benefit Switzerland as a location for R&D activities.

Swiss Research and Innovation Indicators for 2018


This is a 2018 update of the indicators presented in the report entitled ‘Research and Innovation in Switzerland’.

Switzerland’s performance in scientific publications 2011–2015


This is a bibliometric analysis of Swiss research output by research field.