Novel coronavirus

Impact on SERI activities and corresponding response


The novel coronavirus is also having wide-ranging implications for education, research and innovation in Switzerland. The current crisis situation forces SERI, and its partners, to take adequate measures, e.g. arrangements for final apprenticeship examinations. At the same time, however, the situation also shows the enormous resources that education, research and innovation can offer in meeting new challenges: autonomous universities and research institutes are developing their own bottom-up solutions; targeted funding mechanisms such as a new national research programme (NRP) are mobilising researchers; international research infrastructures and cooperation programmes are helping people to solve a global problem together.

Examining three areas – vocational education and training, national research and innovation activities and international cooperation in research and innovation – this focus topic illustrates the impact that the coronavirus has had on SERI activities and the stakeholders that it supports. A compilation of more detailed information can be found.