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The National Research Programmes (NRPs) are the federal government’s research funding tools to support research projects that develop knowledge useful in guiding decisions and practices – and thereby help solving current social and economic challenges. At the request of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), the Federal Council periodically decides on the thematic focus and budget allocation of new NRPs. Each NRP runs for a period of two to five years. Since the instrument was first introduced, 80 NRPs have been launched, covering a wide range of themes.

Launch of four new NRPs: close of NRP selection round (2022/2023)

On 2 June 2023, the Federal Council approved four new NRPs and tasked the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) with implementation.

Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of the planned research activities, these four NRPs are expected to produce useful findings on socially and politically relevant issues.

NRP ‘Support for Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystem Services for Switzerland’ (CHF 15.5 million) aims to identify ways to assess, regulate and manage biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. This NRP will explore value concepts and approaches for assessment systems, management and governance over the use of resources.

NRP ‘Gender Medicine and Health’ (CHF 11 million) is intended to create a knowledge base for the inclusion of sex and gender aspects in medical research, medicine and healthcare in Switzerland. The findings from this NRP will be reflected in guidelines for stakeholders such as physicians or nursing staff.

NRP ‘Construction Culture of the Future’ (CHF 10.6 million) is intended to produce strategies and processes to improve the quality of the natural and built environment. In addition to promoting a construction culture favouring sustainability, research will also delve into the sociocultural dimension of construction.

NRP ‘Innovative Plant Breeding’ (CHF 10 million) is intended to link innovations in plant breeding with socioeconomic and policy developments. Research will also provide a scientific basis for the further development of new socially and economically viable breeding methods.

The Swiss Federal Science Foundation (SNSF) is responsible for implementing the new NRPs. Calls for project proposals under the new NRPs will be launched on behalf of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) between now and December 2023.

Process of selecting themes for new NRPs

After State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) has opened a new selection round, interested parties can submit outlines for new NRP themes. A bottom-up process is used to select the most promising NRP themes.


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