Direct Funding for Mono-beneficiary Projects 2021


Mono-beneficiary projects are research and innovation projects carried out by one single organisation (respectively an individual researcher).

The participation in mono-beneficiary instruments is by principle excluded as a non-associated third country.

However, exceptional rules applied to the 2021 calls of the ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants: As the host institution for these projects can be changed during the preparation phase of the ‘grant agreement’, proposals submitted by researchers (‘Principal Investigators’) based at a Swiss host institution were evaluated by the European Commission (EC). Researchers with a successfully evaluated proposal can be directly funded by SERI and receive a ‘SERI-funded ERC Starting Grant’ or a ‘SERI-funded ERC Consolidator Grant’ respectively.

The project proposals for the first EIC Accelerator cut-off in 2021 were also evaluated by the EC, as Switzerland was still classified as a ‘country to be associated’ at the time of the call deadline. Researchers and innovators with a successfully evaluated proposal (after two evaluation stages) receive a ‘SERI-funded EIC Accelerator Grant’.

Submission of funding requests

Once you are ready to submit your funding application for your mono-beneficiary project (ERC Starting Grant, ERC Consolidator Grant or EIC Accelerator – first cut-off), please click here.

Financial reports

The guidelines for financial reporting are intended for researchers and innovators based in Switzerland who have received funding from SERI to take part in Horizon Europe actions. These guidelines indicate which specific aspects need to be taken into account to ensure that the projects comply with national legislation.

Unless otherwise stipulated in national legislation, SERI will align itself with the funding and calculation principles established by the European Commission, which are fully explained in the ‘Annotated Model Grant Agreement’. As a notable exception, for personnel costs the hourly rates and number of hours each person has worked on the project must be reported to SERI. Please consult the ’Guidelines for financial reporting’ for more details.

Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AGA, Pre-draft 30 November 2021)

Please use this template for the preparation of the financial reports:

You can use the timesheets template below:

Scientific reports