Facts and Figures on the Swiss Participation in the EU-Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation

The Swiss Parliament has mandated the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) to submit regular reports on the Swiss participation in the European Union’s research and innovation framework programmes. This summary presents the main facts and figures on Switzerland's participation in the 8th framework programme (Horizon 2020) and in the Euratom Programme since 2014, sometimes in comparison with the 7th framework programme (FP7). These are updated statistics taken from the report entitled, ‘Swiss Participation in European Research Framework Programmes - Facts and Figures 2018’. The statistics are based on official data from the European Union as of 5 January 2021.

Reports on Swiss participation in previous EU-Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation can be found in the archive below.


Table 1. Number of Swiss participations, coordinations and contributions, in relation to overall participation

  FP7 & Euratom (2007-2013) (as at October 2019) Horizon 2020 & Euratom (2014-2020) (as at July 2015) Horizon 2020 & Euratom (2014-2020) (as at March 2018) Horizon 2020 & Euratom (2014-2020) (as at January 2021)
Swiss participations 3.2% (4382) 1.8% (318) 2.4% (1942) 2.8% (4447)
Contributions to Swiss participants 4.1% (2503 m CHF) 2.2% (172 m CHF) 3.5% (1141 m CHF) 4.0% (2702 m CHF)
Swiss coordinations 3.9% (997) 0.3% (15) 2.6% (422) 3.8% (1211)

Values in brackets represent the absolute number of participations, contributions and coordinations.
This is an update of the table presented in the report entitled ‘Swiss Participation in European Research Framework Programmes - Facts and Figures 2018’, page 6.

Swiss participations and coordinations by type of institution

Swiss participations by programme area

Switzerland and Europe compared