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The SERI's Swiss Space Office provides information to the media and the general public regarding Swiss space activities and related main developments taking place in the space sector.

We also work in collaboration with ESA’s Communication and Education departments in order to share the relevant information to the public in Switzerland.

ESA also directly informs the public about the latest advances and discoveries in the space field. Additionally, it develops programmes aimed to inspire the younger generations to consider careers in science and technology.

A. ESA Media Relations
ESA issues Press Releases and Calls for Media for Press Conferences on various occasions. Media professionals also have the possibility to use ESA-produced material (pictures and videos) in the course of their work.
For all information, please consult the ESA/Newsroom site.

B. Astronaut Appearances requests
ToTo request an astronaut for a public appearance or an interview please use the ESA online form:

C. ESA at the forefront of space education
ESA hasdesigns various activities designed for specific age groups, and aims at keeping the educational community informed about these developments, and providing inspirational materials that assist teachers and students with the learning process.
The wide range of tools and latest information about events and challenges can be found on the ESA Education webpage:

1. For primary and secondary levels - ESA’s Expedition: Home:

Resources for educators to be used, in school or at home, are accessible online and free of charge. It is aA collection of fun experiments, programs, entertaining videos and hands-on challenges for exciting space projects. The well-structured collection features plenty of activities categorized for three age ranges:

3-6 year olds
6-12 year olds
12-18 years olds

2. For tertiary level – ESA Academy:
ESA Academy is ESA's overarching educational programme for university students. Run in close collaboration with European universities, it is meant equally for students in space-related fields and for science and engineering students who did not choose space as their specialty.
ESA Academy courses offer a new perspective in learning about space disciplines and show how space facilities can open a range of new research possibilities and applications.
For information and application, please refer to the following:

i. Current opportunities: upcoming ESA Academy training sessions
ii. Future opportunities: future ESA Academy training sessions
iii. Portfolio of ESA Academy training sessions: latest and forthcoming  dates for courses

D. Ways of working at ESA - excited at the prospect of discovering ESA from inside?

1. Gaining experience
Interested in gaining insight into information and application procedures for student internships, graduate traineeships, PhDs, research fellowships

2. Careers
For information about current vacancies, application and ESA as an employer

E. Links to tertiary education institutes in Switzerland with space-related projects:

  1. EPFL – Space Innovationwiss Space Center: - Space Innovation (
    EPFL - Space Center (eSpace):
    EPFL – Igluna project:
  2. ETHZ – Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics:
  3. FHNW – Institute of Data Science:
  4. HSLU – Space Biology group:
    HSLU - BIOTESC (Biotechnology Space Support Center):
  5. ISSI (International Space Science Institute, Bern):
  6. NPOC (National Point of Contact) for Satellite Images:
  7. PMOD (Physikalisch-Meteorologischen Observatorium Davos):
  8. University of Basel(UniBas) - Physics Research Groups:
  9. University of Bern (UniBE) - Space Research & Planetary ScienceUniGEs:
  10. University of Geneva (UniGE) – Astronomy Department & ISDC Data Centre
  11. University of Neuchâtel (UniNE) – Laboratoire temps-fréquence:
  12. University of Zurich (UZH) Space hub:

F. Additional resources

  1. CERN, Conseil Européen pour la recherche nucléaire, Geneva:
  2. CSEM: CSEM - Space & astrophysics
  3. EMPA Materials Science and Technology: Empa - Empa home
  4. International Space University (France) – scholarship opportunities may be available directly from the ISU:
  5. PSI (Paul Scherrer Institut): Space research projects  
  6. SEI (Space Exploration Institute, Neuchâtel):
  7. SSIG (Swiss Space Industries Group):
  8. SwissApollo:
  9. Swiss Museum of Transport, Luzern:
  10. SRV (Swiss Space Association):
  11. Swiss SkyLab Foundation:
  12. Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL: WSL Home - WSL


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