Satellite telecommunication is mainly used for commercial purposes. In a bid to enable European industry to remain competitive in a highly competitive global market, ESA's research programmes in telecommunications seek to develop, adjust and carry out demonstration missions with each new generation of the system. The missions and projects under the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES 4.0) programme are generally conducted as public-private partnerships with industry.

Switzerland and Swiss industry participate in a variety of ways, the following are just a few highlights:


Partnership Projects

Partnership Projects within ESA provide the satellite communication industry with the right environment to introduce innovative space-based solutions systems into the commercial market.  Switzerland participated and participates in several Partnership Projects through ESA’s ARTES programme including Alphasat, SmallGEO, Hylas-1 and EDRS.


Core Competitiveness

The Core Competitiveness programme helps European and Canadian  industry to develop innovative satcom products, services, systems and  partnerships.It provides support throughout the technology  development process; from the initial idea to a fully-fledged product, system or service.

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Business Applications

Products and services from many businesses can benefit from integration of satellite-based telecommunication, navigation and imagery data and services.

Switzerland’s participation and support to ESA’s Business Applications programmes enables funding and promotion of the developmentof space-based applications, services and solutions for the needs of European citizens and society at large.

A list of projects implemented with Swiss participation can be found here.

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