Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures

In preparation for the Federal Council Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation for 2017-2020, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) updated the Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures. This strategic planning instrument serves as the basis for planned expenditure to develop important research fields of national interest. The work on the next Swiss Roadmap 2019 in preparation for the ERI Dispatch for 2021-2024 is already underway.

The Swiss Roadmap serves as the basis for financial decisions made in relation to the ERI Dispatch. It covers planned research infrastructures of national importance as well as an inventory of already existing research infrastructures. The requirement to draft a roadmap at regular intervals for research infrastructures is anchored in the Research and Innovation Promotion Act.

First Phase

Overview of newly planned research infrastructures
In the second half of 2017, the bodies responsible (Federal Institutes of Technology Board and swissuniversities) will take stock in their respective areas of responsibility of newly planned research infrastructures of national and international importance. The SNSF will also conduct a scientific review in early 2018 on the basis of the resulting prioritisation (1st half of 2018).

Second Phase

In-depth analysis of feasibility and funding
Depending on the outcome of the scientific review, the bodies responsible will carry out an in-depth analysis of feasibility and funding for the ERI budgetary period 2021-2024. (2nd half of 2018). Financial decisions in areas falling under the authority of the Swiss Confederation will then be reached in view of the next ERI Dispatch for 2021-2024.

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