SATW: Germaine de Staël

The "Germaine de Staël" programme promotes collaboration between French and Swiss researchers and research teams.
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EUREKA / Eurostars

Touch base with important stakeholders in the area of Lifesciences and register for the 12th Swiss Nordic Bio Conference – Zürich, February 8th, 2018! Here you can find more information on the programme and on the discounted participation fee for CH participants.

  • Joint Promotional EUREKA Call for R&D Project Outlines in Additive Manufacturing: Sweden – Switzerland – Belgium / Invitation
  • Swiss – Finnish Promotional Call for Eurostars Projects – Life Science: Special focus on Bio- and Medical Technologies. The call focuses on developing innovative products and applications with a strong market potential. You can find the full Call Announcement here.
  • EUREKA Network Projects can be submitted at any time; download the EUREKA project form and send the completed form to
    further information for Swiss partners is available on
  • EUREKA Cluster Calls

Call for Opportunity Grants with China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN Region

The Leading House ETH Zurich opens a call for proposals for opportunity grants with China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN countries. Applications are accepted on a rolling base until 2020.


ERA-IB-2 (ERA-Net Industrial Biotechnology 2) hat, in Kooperation mit ERASynBio und ERA-MBT (ERA-Net Marine Biotechnology), einen siebten gemeinsamen, transnationalen Projektaufruf für multilaterale Forschungsprojekte gestartet, welche industrielle Biotechnologien (IB) anwenden.

Calling new partners for exploring the Moon and Mars

COST Association: New Open Call

Human Frontier Science Program Organization

Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme)