EUREKA clusters: strategic industry initiatives

EUREKA clusters are long-term strategic industry initiatives. There are seven clusters which are currently active. It is particularly important for Switzerland to foster contacts between Swiss SMEs and large European businesses. Swiss partners are subject to the same eligibility criteria for EUREKA cluster projects as for regular EUREKA projects.

EUREKA clusters are run and partially funded by large-scale industry. Their goal is to build platforms for future key technologies in order to strengthen Europe’s competitive position. EUREKA clusters manage their own administrative offices, which are responsible for running its projects and communicating with project partners. The clusters usually issue a call for proposals once a year. These calls for proposals are displayed on the individual cluster websites.

Switzerland is currently active in three EUREKA clusters, namely through representation in the Cluster Steering Group: the EURIPIDES cluster (micro and nanoelectronics), in the ACQUEAU cluster (water technologies), and in the Metallurgy Europe cluster (metallurgy). Switzerland is also involved in the remaining clusters without having a representative in their steering groups.

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