Vocational and Professional Education and Training

SERI, the cantons and professional organizations are committed to maintaining a high standard of vocational education and training as well as to ensuring that there is an adequate number of apprenticeship positions.

200,000 apprentices, nearly 600 professional organisations and approximately 25,000 VET graduates per year depend on the existence of a transparent system that is valid throughout Switzerland.

SERI innovations in the area of vocational education and training include the following: revised legislation; measures to increase the number of available apprenticeship positions; further development of the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB); integration of occupations relating to healthcare, social work and the arts; promotion of new types of VET programmes; and positioning of vocational education and training within an international context.

Objective: encourage greater recognition of the fact that the investment made in vocational education and training today will pay dividends in tomorrow’s society.