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Swissnex in Brazil Bootcamp Future of Food 2024 call for researchers 
Swissnex in Brazil, in partnership with the Leading House for the Latin American Region from the University of St.Gallen, is pleased to present the Future of Food Bootcamp Researcher Grant. This call explicitly targets researchers (Ph.D. students, postdoc students, senior researchers, professors, etc). Starting on 8 April and closing on 19 April, the program will integrate all sorts of interactions with the ecosystem and have the possibility to participate in relevant innovation events (Anuga Select Brazil, 9-11 April; WebSummit Rio, 15-18 April). 
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European Space Agency (ESA) - Continuously Open Research Announcements (CORA)
ESA research announcements are the official access routes for institutional users to use research facilities managed by ESA's Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration. The Science Department of ESA’s Human Spaceflight and Exploration Directorate recently undertook an extensive exercise to create a new strategy, focusing on a set of newly-defined goals to positively shape its research programme and maximise research. Further information

ERA-IB-2 (ERA-Net Industrial Biotechnology 2) hat, in Kooperation mit ERASynBio und ERA-MBT (ERA-Net Marine Biotechnology), einen siebten gemeinsamen, transnationalen Projektaufruf für multilaterale Forschungsprojekte gestartet, welche industrielle Biotechnologien (IB) anwenden.
Gemeinsamer Projektaufruf unter der Federführung von ERA-IB-2